• Iain Mayers

Running an analogue business in a digital world

So is it possible to run an analogue business in 2020. I think the answer is no, for one I’m using an iPad to write this and the internet to promote it, but as a small business I’m going to try for the next year to reduce my dependence on digital.

The reason is digital gets on my nerves, it annoys me, when I first started my first business I did most thinks with paper, it never crashed and it always worked, I never had to wait for updates or connection issues or even broadband issues.

Ok so this isn’t a rant, let me explain. My business is traditional woodworking, yes I have power tools, but I’m at my happiest when I’m using hand tools, when you can feel the wood, a lot of my hand tools are 80 years old and are working just as well today as they worked back then. its a bit slower but that’s the point in today’s world of everything being done yesterday it’s nice to just unwind and totally forgot all the strains and stresses and concentrate on one thing.

I'm not going to go into this in detail at the moment, each month I'm going to try to introduce a new analogue back into the business and see how it goes, the pit fulls and dose it work.

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