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Mitre saw dilemma

My old Eurbeur mitre saw has died, had this saw for 8 years it’s been a really useful tool, it’s been banged about in the back of the car, the guard broke off, the laser pointed in the wrong direction, the extendable table fell apart, but for all these problems it’s always cut true and nicely with out a lot of messing about. Now I’m not a tool snob I buy tools which do the job, yes most of my battery tools are makita simply because a don’t want loads of different chargers laying around, but I have Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo, Hitachi, and I have a Titan concrete breaker.

I look for how much I’m going to use the tool, the approximate budget I have and the quality of the finish. So when I needed a concrete breaker I wasn’t particularly interested in the finish, I only use it occasionally once or twice a year and didn’t want to spend a fortune on one, Titan did the job, for the budget I had.

Some tools I don’t use very often but when I want them I need them to work, my generator is a Honda, I may not use it for years at a time, I even leave petrol in it, but so far every time I need it, it works every time.

Back to the mitre saw, budget for this is, well to be honest no budget I need a Mitre saw but I don’t want to spend silly money I’m still growing my business so I have to be a little careful, but I do use it a lot and it needs to be reliable. My current saw is a bit small so I’m looking at the 12” blade which reduces the spectrum.

So far we’re at probably a budget of under £500.00

A reliable name,

12” blade, I use a wide variety of wood sizes upto 4” posts

Portable, weight is not to much of an issue I’m a strong bloke

Accurate cuts with out a lot of messing about, all saws cut, I don’t want to be checking and adjusting it every time I make a cut

Reasonable dust collection

It gets moved about quite a bit so needs to be robust

Security is always important, you don’t want something flash and expensive sitting in the back of the car just so some little toe rag can come along a nick it.

It’s a shame you can’t test them for a week or so!!!!!

And list of requirements goes on, do I want a single or double bevel, a brushless motor.

So much to think about, it took me almost a year to buy a 1st fix nail gun I finally settled on a Hitachi again I wasn’t using it every day but wanted something to do the job and so far it’s been very reliable.

Where as with the nail gun I didn’t really need one straight away a hammer does a good job, with the saw I need one quite soon so the quest goes on.

This morning went for a little trip to have a look at the top end of the mitre saws, the Festool, Dewalt, Makita and Bosch. All far to rich for my blood love all of them, but at £700.00 sorry can’t go there.

I’ve been toying with the Metabo 12” mitre saw its £279.00 and looks like hell of saw, I know it hasn’t got all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones but I’m running a business and need to justify the expenditure, let’s see how long it lasts and what’s the build quality like, there made in Germany can’t be that bad, well ordered one and we will see. Have I just wasted £279.00 I’ll let you know when it arrives.

Well it arrived and it’s big, the KGS305M straight out the box doing a few little test cuts it’s straight and square, the laser is a little off but only a millimetre or so. I like the sliding fence for angle cuts, the table seems solid and I really like the angle adjuster at the front. I’ve just put it through a peace of 30mm Ash and it cut beautifully. The LED work light is a nice feature as where this is going in my workshop it’s a little dark. The motor sounds a bit ruff when it first starts but soon settles down, I like the electric brake on the blade, my last one didn’t have this and it feels a lot safer, the only down side is the plastic operating levers feel a bit flimsy, only time will tell but so far very impressed, I know it’s not a top end machine but it has all the features I need and feels nice and solid.

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